We have committees covering a range of issues and industry sectors. Each committee is comprised of representatives from BPF members, and usually meets four times a year. We also run a number of working groups covering specific issues.  

Scroll down for the list of committees and groups, the BPF team member who looks after each one and a brief overview of the issues they are covering. Many of our committees are very popular and may have a waiting list to join.  However, most committees also welcome associate members who can sign up through MyBPF to receive papers, minutes and invitations to get involved in some of the committee’s work without attending the meetings.  

 We have a goal to achieve a minimum 30% female representation on all committees, in line with our D&I policy. If you are interested in joining a committee, please email the relevant member of the BPF team. 

BD Forum

BD Forum London

Secretariat: Kirsty Wade-Potter

BD Forum North

Chair: George Testing
Secretariat: Wattle #


Chair: Helen Gordon
Secretariat: Ion Fletcher

BPF Futures Advisory Board

Chair: Harvin Chohan
Secretariat: Murray Horn

Build to Rent

Chair: Andrew Stanford
Secretariat: James Simondson

Building Safety Board

Secretariat: Sam Bensted


Chair: Tim Cooper
Secretariat: Laurence Raeburn-Smith

Commercial Property Forum - London

Comms Committee

Chair: Kurt Mueller
Secretariat: Drew McNeill


Chair: Alan Bunting
Secretariat: Sam Bensted

D&I Forum

Secretariat: Patrick Clift


Chair: Matthew Sampson
Secretariat: Alex Green Full details  


Chair: Heather Day
Secretariat: Ion Fletcher

GDW Committee

Chair: George 2309

GDW Test 3009

Chair: George Woolley


Chair: Jonathan Murphy
Secretariat: Alex Green


Chair: Gwyn Stubbings
Secretariat: Sam Bensted


Chair: Gareth Williams
Secretariat: Laurence Raeburn-Smith


Chair: Ruck Atwal


Chair: Peter Mail
Secretariat: Sam Bensted


Chair: Guy Grainger
Secretariat: James Simondson

Property Advisors Forum

Regional Forums

Regional Policy Committee

Chair: Owen Michaelson
Secretariat: Melanie Leech


Secretariat: Ion Fletcher

Residential Board

Chair: Alex Greaves
Secretariat: James Simondson

Residential Board & Committee

Chair: Alex Greaves
Secretariat: James Simondson

Residential Management

Chair: Tracey Hartley
Secretariat: James Simondson

Student Accomodation

Chair: David Tymms
Secretariat: Laurence Raeburn-Smith Full details  


Chair: Richard Quartermaine
Secretariat: Alex Green


Chair: Tracy Dossett
Secretariat: Ion Fletcher

Technical Accounting

Secretariat: Ion Fletcher

TEST Group

Chair: Sonal Jain
Secretariat: Alex Green

Test Group 2

Chair: Michelle Killington
Secretariat: # Ruckshinder Atwal


Chair: Colin Smith
Secretariat: Ion Fletcher Full details  

Wattle Test Group

Chair: Matt Ballard
Secretariat: Wattle #

West Midlands Commercial Property Forum - WMCA

Secretariat: Patrick Clift

Working Groups

The BPF also runs a series of member working groups on particular themes. If you are interested in finding out more about one of our working groups please contact the relevant secretary.

BIM Working Group

Chair: Catriona Cantwell

Great Places

Chair: Patricia Brown
Secretariat: Alex Green

LVC Working Group

Chair: Charles Middleton

Right to Light

Student Wellbeing

Regional Forums

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