Building a Shared Recovery

We value our dialogue with Government over the past four months during these unprecedented challenges. As attention turns towards recovery the real estate industry stands ready to work as supportive partners investing in people, property, and places.

The need to invest in development across the whole country is so important to deliver the levelling up agenda and to support a construction sector that employs 3.1m people and housing market which underpins so much economic activity. Key workers need hope that they will get the quality housing offer their efforts deserve. New ways of working with reliance on distribution and adaptations to our buildings and places will test our industry and its customers. Our sector can help universities and their students, by providing quality accommodation that frees up their resources to focus on teaching and first class research. Our High Streets need support and new solutions to encourage start-up retailers and more homes into our town centres. Longer-term priorities, such as net zero, housing choices for our elderly citizens and levelling up all remain front and centre.

Unprecedented challenges require big and bold thinking. We have thought hard about what will support activity over the next 12-24 months. We are also conscious that public finances at local and national level are very stretched and we have sought to minimise and limit any long-term funding impacts.

Our roadmap to a shared recovery encompasses two parts – immediate measures to kick start the recovery, and more medium-term initiatives aimed more at the Autumn Statement.