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14 Aug 2020 Core Cities and Devolution

Regional Perspectives - May/June 2020

Read a summary of the perspectives and feedback received through the BPF’s May and June 2020 Regional Property Forums, where the focus was the industry’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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07 Jul 2020 Covid-19

Plan for Jobs July 2020: BPF Analysis

The Chancellor today announced the government's second phase of its response to the Covid-19 crisis with a targeted Plan for Jobs. A full BPF briefing is available here.

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30 Jun 2020 Covid-19

Building a Shared Recovery

The British Property Federation (BPF) launches today its Covid-19 recovery roadmap Building a Shared Recovery, to enable the real estate sector to deliver the private sector investment that will be essential to support the Government’s ambitious investment plans and its ‘levelling up’ agenda. 

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06 May 2020 Covid-19 | Leasing and Commercial

BPF Licence to Occupy on Short Term Basis

Further to the requirements of the NHS and associated organisations to occupy new premises on a short term basis to help fight against COVID-19, we have, with the help of our members, produced a template Licence to Occupy that can be used by relevant parties to coordinate and agree the short term occupation of commercial properties. 

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15 Apr 2020 Covid-19 | Student Accommodation

PBSA briefing

We have created a briefing note for government on some of the ways in which the student accommodation sector can be supported through the COVID-19 crisis. This briefing is intended to particularly aid discussions with officials on those asks which are at low or zero cost to the taxpayer. 

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08 Apr 2020 Covid-19

Information for tenants COVID-19

We have published a helpful Covid-19 reference document for commercial occupiers, setting out the government assistance available given the challenges faced

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18 Mar 2020 Covid-19

BPF Response to COVID-19

We are adjusting the way we work in accordance with Government guidance, to ensure that we continue to represent members effectively and deliver a first-rate service during the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic

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16 Mar 2020 Core Cities and Devolution

Regional Perspectives - January 2020

Read a summary of the perspectives and feedback received through the BPF’s January 2020 Regional Property Forums.

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25 Feb 2020 Industrial and Logistics | Planning

Delivering The Goods In 2020

This report provides insight into the economic impact of the UK logistics sector and provides updated recommendations to support the sector’s future.

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18 Feb 2020 High Street | Residential

Housing on the high street

Informed by a roundtable we co-hosted with Gowling WLP on Housing on the High Street, we’ve prepared a short briefing highlighting the potential benefits to residential development in town centres and some of the current policy challenges surrounding this.

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23 Jan 2020 Insolvency

BPF CVA red flag causes - insolvency engagement guidance

Firms and insolvency practitioners seeking to engage are recommended to read our outlined expectations and guidance, which includes the key points of contention that landlords look out for in a CVA

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04 Dec 2019 Insolvency

CVA Briefing 2019

Our briefing on CVA’s sets out our primary concerns with the way in which Company Voluntary Arrangements (CVAs) are currently being used. We also propose some recommendations for Government, with a view to improving CVAs so that they provide more transparency, oversight, effectiveness and clarity for creditors.